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What Climbing Frame do you need?

The right playground climbing frame can be a signature piece of equipment and the go to item in your playground. The excitement of scaling the rope, timber or metal structure can keep children entertained and engaged for hours and help develop their balance, coordination and core strength at the same time.

Climbing frames come in 3 main styles, rope, timber or metal and depending on your requirements one or a mixture of all 3 may be the best choice. It’s important to really understand the role you want your climbing frame to play and how it will fit in with the rest of the playground and the overall adventure filled experience. Here are some questions you should consider when buying a climbing frame.

  • What size do you want your climbing frame to be and how much space do you have available?
  • Do you need a new climbing frame or do you need to think about a new playground?
  • If this is an addition to your existing playground, would a rope, timber or metal climbing frame fit in better?
  • Have you set a budget for your climbing frame?
  • What age group of children will be using your climbing frame?

Key Features

  • Modular so easily assembled
  • 3 styles for all requirements and budgets
  • EM1176 safety standard compliant
  • Timber made out of larch and robinia – most durable woods
  • Traditional and modern styles
  • From £5,000
  • Based on platform height from 0.5 metres to 4.2 metres

Who Will Install My Playground Climbing Frame?

There are 2 installation options available, self-installation or a Lars Play Certified installation. When you choose the Lars Play Certified Installation:

  • Your climbing frame will be delivered at the date and time agreed
  • Our team of 3 professionally trained playground equipment experts will install you climbing frame.
  • Our team will provide the necessary ground preparations that may include digging holes, stripping and replacing the surfacing or general tidying.

Where Can I Buy a Playground Climbing Frame

Lars Play supply and install playground equipment and playground tunnels across the UK and Ireland. As part of our customer care policy and commitment to delivering great quality products and service, every client will receive:

  • A courtesy site inspection and site survey
  • Tailored advice on all products and the installation process
  • Full quote provided along with estimated delivery times
  • Free design service is available on certain playground products

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