The Autism Centre Northern Ireland Sensory Space

Lars Play has created a unique Sensory Development Area specifically for the Autism Centre Northern Ireland. The sensory Space has a wooden structure with changeable coloured light; comfortable seating and a projector with calming colours and shapes. Outside we installed a deluxe water feature, a beautiful Stainless steel fountain where the water gently bubbles down the sphere into the reservoir below creating a soothing atmosphere and is lit by a cluster LED light. We also installed a swinging canopy which often provides a safe and calming area for the attendees with Autism.

The Autism Centre approached Lars Play to develop a sensory space that met the wide range of needs of their attendees with Autism. Working together we developed a fantastic Multi-Sensory Environment that is loved by everyone. It is an ideal quiet place to deal with sensory overload or ‘meltdowns’.
The Autism Centre were delighted with their new Sensory Space especially the quality of our products and customer service. Lars Play can tailor make each requested piece of equipment to suit your particular needs.

How do I Get a Sensory Development Area

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