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1st RecoBox installation in Ireland

St Mary’s Primary School Dunamore receives £10,000 from the Big Lottery Fund’s most popular grants scheme Awards For All. This provides small grants of up to £10,000 to projects that can make a big difference to people’s lives, St Mary’s will be the first school in the country to have its own ‘RecoBox’ Outdoor Eco classroom. The School have recently been successful in achieving the Eco-School Status and gaining their 'Green Flag' with the help from parents, grandparents and the community of Dunamore. This was a whole team effort and will be further eco enhanced with its latest new addition.

‘RecoBox’ hosts a green living roof and Bespoke habitat wall panels using varied recycled materials. These can be made to order and include forage materials such as sheeps wool, reed bundles, bamboo bundles, cut logs, stacked bark, piled loose stone and sand boxes. The habitat panels are fixed to the walls of the Recobox which can be filled with locally sourced materials, for attractive habitat creation.

The ‘RecoBox’ enables pupils to learn outside of the traditional classroom yet remain in a warm, dry and comfortable environment which still feels at one with nature. ‘RecoBox’ provides a unique outdoor classroom or breakaway space, ideal for hands-on teaching and growing school initiatives. So there is nothing to stop you making the most of the outdoor learning opportunities in your school grounds. Teach a lesson outdoors and invigorate everyone’s day. There is a ‘RecoBox’ to suit every school’s needs and Lars Play provide a complete service for you.

Martina Monaghan launched ‘Lars Play’ 4 years ago as part of the business development plan for McGuigan Construction Ltd, she couldn’t have envisioned where they are today. “Growing our team and our product portfolio, we provide an extensive range of Children’s outdoor play equipment, Outdoor Fitness equipment and now our brand new ‘RecoBox’ Outdoor Eco Classroom range and services, with clients close to home and throughout the UK & Ireland”.
As school based environmental education is developing RecoBox and Lars Play want to help schools to address the culture of natural learning environments so children can find an emotional connection with nature. From that will come an ecological understanding of nature and we want children to love the living world around them.

Martina added “We’ve learned a lot over the past 4 years and have an exciting view of the future, focusing on new and evolving play and learning solutions whilst delivering a unique and individual service to our clients. ‘RecoBox’ has unlimited potential uses in any educational setting and will help schools like St Mary’s to connect with nature through many learning possibilities and become a shining example of truly inspirational teaching. We believe that ‘RecoBox’ will enhance environmental education programmes and support sustainable school and eco-school initiatives. ‘RecoBox’ is versatile, secure, eco-friendly, long lasting and requires virtually no maintenance.”

Headmistress, Miss Sheila Devlin, said: “We are delighted to be the first school in Ireland to install the Recobox eco classroom. We have invested in this new RecoBox as St. Mary’s prides itself on providing a safe, happy and stimulating environment from P1-P7 which is designed to meet each child’s academic, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

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