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Outdoor Playground Equipment

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Outdoor Playgrounds

We at Lars play have more than forty years experience in getting children to play together in safe and stimulating environments including a range of outdoor playgrounds. The materials we use enhance the maintenance of the outdoor playground play area and incorporate runner mats, sand, gravel and natural materials. Our outdoor playgrounds range create a wonderful natural and outdoor playground. We aim to blend the outdoor playground into the surrounding area to provide a wonderful natural and outdoor playground. We offer a wide range of Outdoor playgrounds including the Atlantis, the Discovery, the classic and the pioneer outdoor playgrounds.

We are happy to consult and design for you a bespoke package to meet your requirements. We provide a courtesy site inspection and survey and tailored advice on all products and the installation process. Our range of outdoor playgrounds look great in every playground whether it is a city park, a nursery, a school, a hotel, a caravan park, community club or park. The Discovery range of outdoor playground provides children with hours of fun and laughter in the outdoors with the feel good factor of fresh. Our Pioneer outdoor playground range is durable and robust and will provide children with many years of enjoyable play from this range which provides a great challenge to their balance and coordination. The Pioneer range is made with eco friendly materials: larchwood and plastic coated sheeting. All elements of design are carefully shaped and all edges are rounded in order to promote safe play.

Our outdoor playgrounds use rubber mats and provide a safe and resilient surface whilst blending in effortlessly with the surrounding areas. Our Classic nature Outdoor Playground range provides a physically challenging and stimulating play experience and helps children develop balance and agility. The Classic nature Outdoor playground is made of high quality components and is highly resistant to our ever changing weather conditions.

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