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After School Club Playground in Pomeroy, Tyrone

Pomeroy After Schools Club is a charity organisation which provides a service of afterschool childcare for families in the local area. Kathleen, Playschool Manager, applied for the big lottery fund “Awards for All” funding programme and was awarded a grant to develop an After School Club Playground with an outdoor sensory garden.

Kathleen had an existing play area and wanted to develop it to include a more challenging piece of climbing equipment for the older kids and a sensory area for the younger kids. We were working with a tight budget but we were able to fulfil the customers needs within their budget.

We installed a multi - functional climbing unit which encourages development of the kids gross motor skills. The unit encompasses all kinds of climbing from rock climbing to rope climbing. The low level section of the equipment can be accessed by smaller kids whilst the larger kids can use it as a piece of exercise equipment. In this area we also installed a 4 way springer for the younger kids. The compass springer is labelled north, south, east and west at each station, the centre console hosts a game where all four users can fight to get through the maze by springing to the location (Eg) North, South, East or West.

The sensory area was designed with different pods, each pod with its specific role. Pod one included mud play which included the mod kitchen and other kitchen devices. Pond Two included biodiversity element with the introduction of planters and bug / insect hotels. Pond Three included a lookout point with talking flowers. All pods where interconnected by the wobble bridge. The kids really enjoy the new play area and Kathleen is more than happy with the end result.

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