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Climbing Playground Equipment in Donegal

Climbing Playground Equipment installed in Donegal Caravan Pak

Nestled away in the scenic bay view town of Kerrykeel. Rockhill Holiday Park have a fantastic caravan park catering for your every need. Looking for nights away camping or looking for a place to park up the caravan for the night? Then Rockhill have the facilities you need.

Part of the ethos of Rockhill Caravan Park is that they update the park regularly ensuring that there is always something new and challenging for the kids. Chris Carberry (owner) had decided that this year he wanted to introduce a new piece of climbing equipment to the playground. Firstly, we had to carry out a site survey to establish what space we had to work with, to establish if there were any risks (Eg) underground cables, pipes etc. Once the area had been agreed we set to work.

We put forward a few pieces of equipment but we wanted to ensure that the kids had the maximum play value while sticking to the client’s budget. The unit we proposed caters from 3-12 years and was not only within budget but it provided net climbing, rock wall climbing, rope climbing and ladder climbing. As well as the climbing, we have overhead monkey bars, fire man poles and tower with slide. So, this unit was multi-functional and has been and will continue to be a great addition the Rockhill Play Area.

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